Founded in 1987 by Dapeng Lee, Nanjing Eagle Harp Co., Ltd has devoted itself to the research and production of high-quality harps and related products. Its’ team has gathered professional harpists, university professors, and experienced technicians who serve on the forefront of the production.

Nanjing Eagle Harps possesses unique harp-making technology based on European and North American harp making traditions, using selected fine spruce to assure a beautiful warm tone that has won excellent reputation amongst professional harpists and orchestras.  We make concert grand harps, lever harps and Chinese konhgou. Our Harps are sold in China, Europe and the Americas.

Nanjing Eagle harp Co., Ltd has been established for more than 30 years and has developed more than 40 kinds of harps for different uses, these include professional pedal harps, student-practice harps, traditional European Irish harps, Special-use harps, ancient style harps and all kind of related accessories. We receive many domestic and overseas orders every year. Their satisfaction is our greatest honor and has served as our greatest marketing.

We periodically invite violin makers and piano makers for technical exchange activities in the field of sampling, identification and pre-treatments of harp-making timber. The graduates ‘research project named “CNC systems in harp manufacture”, which cooperates with the School of Mechanical Engineering in Southeast University of China, has provided advanced technical support for Nanjing Eagle Harps.