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The most important thing is to keep your harp free of dust and clean. A round paint brush with soft bristles can be used to clean the discs and the mechanism plate at least twice a week. A soft cotton cloth will be excellent for dusting the wood Of the harp. If need be, you can dampen this cloth a little to clean any wrist sweat on the rims of the soundboard.

Other maintenance that will be required, about once a year, is changing pedal felts and the pedal slot felts. This is a job you can do on your own, when you purchase a harp, the manual will show you how this is done and there Have plenty tutorials on the internet that can help you get this job done.



Because Eagle Harps are constructed like any other European or American harp, it will need regulation once a year. This can be done by a professional who has been trained for this job. The mechanism of our harps does not differ from any other harp, so the same principals are used to regulate our harps.


Why Regulate the Harp?

The tension of strings put 726 kilos of pressure on the soundboard, due to this, the harp will start to build a "belly" on the soundboard. This is a good thing, as harps will produce a fuller sound when this happens. The problem with this is that the length of the string from the sound board to the adjustable nut will become shorter and when the sharpening discs engage, the tuning will be off. When this happens, the lock nut will need to be moved up, and this can be a Tricky thing to do and you will need a strobe tuner to move the nut to the right position, this is where the professional steps in.